Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thunderstorms, Strudel, and Beauty and the Beast

Today started out very quiet. The weather was still wet and we were plagued with thunderstorms all morning. My older austrian brother emerged with his friends after noon and eventually got ready to leave.

In the afternoon my younger austrian brother arrived with some homemade apple strudel his grandmother made. It had raisins in it (not completely dehydrated though). We (he doesn't like raisins so he didn't have any of the strudel) also had some leftover strawberries and I had to prevent my austrian brother from putting a full cup of sugar over his bowl of strawberries (he did get away with at least half a cup although he still complained that he didn't have enough -_-).

In the evening we did a mirage of things from soccer to trying to reload a new system onto his laptop because he forgot his password. I finally managed to herd him towards his bed and read him a story from my kindle. He picked Beauty and the Beast although I'm not sure how much of the story he understood. The only other children stories I have on my kindle are 'Grimm Fairy Tales' so I will need to cruise my library's online catalog for more.

After my younger austrian brother was put to bed my austrian father brought out some beer and we split the rest of the strudel.

Tomorrow if the weather is good we may go to the castle in Villach (they have a monkey mountain and a falcon/bird show). If it is not good weather perhaps a movie in English or baking something. Ciao!

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