Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Austrian barbecue #IHaveLostCount

Tuesday July 31st, 2012

They day started out pretty quiet but my austrian father was having a barbecue for work so I spent some time helping prep for that. About 23 people showed up and we had some meat and salad.

Afterwards I was pretty much friends with the dishwasher as the kids went down to the lake to enjoy themselves. My austrian sister had brought a friend with her to the barbecue and after going to the lake they came back and had a water party with the hoses in the yard (my austrian cousin and brother joined in too).

Wait someone doesn't have a hose?!

Looks like she got some backup

After the kids got completely soaked they asked me if they could jump into the lake with their clothes on.

*I look at their dripping wet clothes*
*the kids look at me hopefully*
Me: "Sure!"
Kids: "YES!"

They enjoyed themselves immensely at the lake but I had to drag them back so I could make some dinner (they dried off while I was cooking).

After dinner they had a dance party but turning up the music really loud and figuring out some choreography. My austrian grandmother had brought cakes earlier so after they finished dancing we ate some. I was just about ready to put them to bed when my austrian father called and said there was a full moon and asked the kids to light some candles on the balcony.

The kids rushed around to find all the candles and wouldn't let me look at what they were doing. Finally I could look and they had set up a nice arrangement of candles. Thus I was able to enjoy some radler and look at the moon surrounded by candles. The kids went to bed and I collapsed as well into mine.

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