Saturday, August 25, 2012

Food, Guests, and Train Tickets

This blog mostly just covers some days where my austrian family had some friends over to stay. This meant pretty much that I had some good food and relaxation time. I left on monday (this post ends on sunday) to travel because I had some vacation time and traveled most of that week.

Thursday August 9th, 2012

The weather today wasn't so good. My austrian father has wanted to go sailing all week but every time we go down to the lake it starts raining. My austrian siblings decided to play at being divers so my austrian father and I watched them from under an umbrella as they suited up. I should mention they also used bottles of mineral (carbonated) water as their oxygen.

All suited up

For lunch some stuffed peppers from my austrian grandmother (this time I have a photo!). Also with some sort of  small black pea?

We also did some cleaning up to get ready for the guests that were arriving the next day.

Friday August 10th, 2012

We spent some of the day at the lake but also had to get ready for the guests (also played world monopoly in german with my austrian siblings; they had some strange rules but after checking the rulebook I manage to win a few disagreements). I also watched my austrian mother make dinner.

Some meat and creamed potatoes. When I was taking the photo my austrian mother said "No! Not of me! Not while I'm wearing my apron!" Hence you see just the food :D

Saturday August 11th, 2012

The guests had spent the night and we spent the morning at the lake. Some other friends of theirs were stopping for lunch/coffee and so my austrian mother and her friend made some desserts.

I believe this is called Zwetschgendatschi. 'Zwetschgen' is the austrian word for plum (austrians speak german but sometimes have their own local phrases or words; i.e. you wouldn't usually here this word used for plum in Germany). Usually this word refers to the alpine plums that are seasonal in the area and are the best with this dessert. It is still a little early though for the alpine plums, so while this dish is still called Zwetschgendatschi the plums are actually store bought.

They had some extra dough so they made a version with apples.

Sunday August 12th, 2012

Another day at the lake with my austrian family's guests! And today my austrian mother made tiramisu. I've noticed though that tiramisu in austria is not quite like what I would have back in U.S. Not only does the tiramisu in austria seem lighter but also usually some sort of fruit is added, and I have never tasted any alcohol/coffee in the dessert.

Spooning out some portions for everyone

Yum! My portion!

After the guests left, my austrian brother who had been gone at boyscout/pathfinder's camp was picked up and brought to join the rest of us. While they were picking up my austrian brother I ran out to buy some train tickets at the station. Since I had just learned that I had the entire week off (since the family was vacationing) I decided to travel to Venice and Slovenia but I had to buy some reservation tickets. Knowing that I might get a person who doesn't speak English, I had written all the places I wanted to go to with the specific dates and times of travel. It actually helped quite a bit because even though the woman at the ticket office spoke okay English, I could just hand her my piece of paper and get everything scheduled. I managed to get all my tickets. :D

My tickets and reservations for Venice and Ljubljana

My austrian siblings decided in the evening that they wanted to use the BBQ (they always like making a fire) and my austrian mother made some dough for them to cook over it. None of my austrian siblings wanted their photo taken for some reason so I was limited to just taking photos of the bread.

Bread on sticks, over the BBQ
I went to bed pretty late with the knowledge that I was going to have to wake up super early to catch my bus to Venice the next morning.

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