Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's too darn hot!

Another hot day in Austria with the temperature up in the 80s (F). The day started out quiet with a breakfast of bread and cheese. My austrian siblings packed up their tent and we went back out to the lake to cool off.

My austrian brother getting ready to sail off in his sailboat

My austrian brother and sister drying off from a swim

We didn't have much of a lunch, only some 'butter biscuits' and apricots/peppers/tomatoes. For dinner my austrian mom combined chicken, rice, and feta for a dish. She also cooked some pasta for the kids which a I learned was a ravioli with a filling specific to the region (Carinthia). As dinner was wrapping up my austrian siblings started to plead for what I initially thought was ice cream but in fact turned out to be crepes. My austrian mom bowed down to the pressure and made some for us which we filled with jam and marmalade.

Later when I had some free time I bicycled to Bodensdorf to get some ice cream. Bodensdorf is just east of Sattendorf and it took about 10 mins by bike. On my way to Bodensdorf I ran across a train station that has a train that travels directly to Villach. I also found some tennis courts (they belonged to a club so I will have to see if I can get on them). Once I reached the little ice cream place I had some citron (lemon) ice cream.

Courtesy of Google maps

The tennis courts!

The ice cream place in Bodensdorf (Eis Pavillon)

That pretty sums up my day although I noticed that they don't seem to celebrate father's day in Austria.

Also, to update you on my camera situation I am currently using a family camera but I should be able to get to a store in the next few days to get a new one. Once that happens I can upload my photos!

UPDATE: Camera pics are uploaded!

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