Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quiet Day at the Lake Ossiach (Ossiach see)

Another quiet day reading at the lake. I decided to hold off on going up the mountain because of the clouds but hopefully I will get around to it in the next few weeks. My austrian father was busy with work today but he mentioned on thursday we will have a birthday party and on friday we go to a chocolate factory.

I tried making some grilled cheese sandwiches today which actually turned out nicely and ate some sweets such as neopolitan candy. My austrian family has a candy shelf I am trying to stay away from but it does hold a collection of Lindt chocolate.

I finished reading "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and watched the American version of the film (on computer).

View from dock again

Other side of lake

The swan is back (fed him some stale bread)

The ducks try to get involved in the stale bread action

Shed for things on the lake. In the background you can see the mountain that I plan to eventually go up via lift (lift station in Anaheim)

Hehe, another pretty day

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