Monday, June 25, 2012

Sprechen Englisch?

Today was just one of those days that people kept stopping to speak German to me. It was kind of funny and I think most of them were trying to talk to me about the weather, but I'm not sure....

Anyway I spend some time in Villach today to do some shopping. The weather was the first damp weather I've seen and it reminded me a little bit of Seattle. It got up to the 70s (F) at one point but once it rained was more around 66 (F).

I pretty much wandered the Hauptplatz and looked at different stores. There was an all Italian clothing store I stopped by to buy some scarves and also an Austrian store where I bought another scarf. The shopkeepers spoke a little English and if I understand correctly the scarves were actually produced in their respective countries.

Scarves I bought. The one on the left and the middle are Italian, the one on the right is Austrian.

I also wandered down some streets I hadn't been down before and saw some interesting storefronts and alleyways.

Is that spongebob? Is this place trying to sell hamburgers? O_o

Alleyway to Hauptplatz

Other side of alleyway

I started to get hungry and I stopped by a place called Strudelhaus. It has various different type of strudels with different fillings (zucchini, meat, etc). I ended up getting some sort of meat strudel.

Not too bad but a little burnt on the bottom and had some overtones of fast food. More the fault of the Strudelhaus though then indicative of the cuisine I think.

I also stopped by a bakery (how could I not?) and picked up a macaroon. It was very good but also very sweet.

Pretty macaroon

I stopped by the Austrian version of a drugstore to pick up some toiletries before heading to the train station. Surprisingly the hardest thing to locate in the store was deodorant. I kept seeing Axe everywhere so I knew it had to be around somewhere. I eventually found it in what I had thought to be the shampoo area.

Does this look like deodorant to you?

I finally reached the train station and as I was waiting for a train back to St. Urban station I noticed some very dark clouds in the distance.

Train station with ominous looking weather
It ended up a thunderstorm rolled in and there was quiet a bit of rain, thunder and lightening. I managed to get on the train although my austrian father had to pick me up at the St. Urban train station. 

Raining at my austrian house too. The elevation is not very high but you can see the clouds covering the mountains. From this view the top of the mountains are the border between Austria and Slovenia.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet as the rain continued, but I did help my austrian father a little with a birthday cake he was making for one of my austrian brothers. He allowed me to taste the leftovers from making the cake and told me if my austrian mother was there it wouldn't be allowed. But we were in agreement that we could only see how good the cake was if we could do some sampling. Tomorrow the cake will get delivered to my austrian brother and I will see if I can get up one of the mountains on my side of the lake (via lift). Ciao!

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